Real Estate for Corporate Clients the world over!

I have been in the Real Estate business for 20 years, with vast experience in servicing clientele from the corporate world.



We do consulting work for clients in order to get the best locations, pricing and value for money.


Doesn’t matter what your budget for the rental is nor if you are looking to buy a property for investment. We can tailor make an office space that suits your budget.


Every client has a different need in terms of location as not every business needs to be in the capital city. Some client want to be on the outskirts away from the traffic and west ease of accessibility .

Office Space

Some client wants an empty space and some wants a renovated unit. We have and will manage all your expectations.


Head of Corporate Services – Richland Properties

2002 – 2019

Corporate Offices for Corporate Clients at Corporate Towers

Pathfinder Properties


Investments in properties. We buy, renovate and sell depressed properties. A good business venture with a few investors and high returns.

Rippey Enterprises


Air b&b. Hosting guests from all around the world.

Job Title at Company

2015 – Present

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Let’s make something together.

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